South Okanagan Maternity Centre

The South Okanagan Maternity Centre is a team-based clinic providing collaborative interdisciplinary care for women with low-risk pregnancies. Family physicians and midwives work together to provide you with pregnancy, birth and newborn care.

The clinic provides wrap-around care with seamless referrals to other maternity specialists: obstetricians, pediatricians, a perinatal social worker and public health. Your maternity professionals use each other’s experience, informed knowledge and personal strengths to provide you with a consistent approach to care.

You will have an opportunity to meet all of the team prior to the birth of your baby and one of them will provide care during labour and delivery at Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH). Clinic services do not include home births at this time. 

Located in a brand-new state-of-the-art space on the ground floor of Penticton Regional Hospital, this clinic gives expectant mothers more choice for their pregnancy journey and provides a women-centred approach to care.

Women can be referred to the clinic by their primary care provider or can self-refer. Book your appointment by phone or by visiting the Centre.



The South Okanagan Maternity Centre:

  • Is staffed by 9 family physicians and 3 midwives.

  • Offers lengthier midwife-style appointments, and the convenience of a hospital setting for tests, ultrasounds, and labor/delivery services.

  • Is accepting new patients.


Women at any stage of pregnancy and up to 6 weeks post-delivery can:

  • Be referred to the clinic by their family physician or can self-refer. 

  • Book their appointment by phone or by visiting the centre.


Penticton Regional Hospital
550 Carmi Ave

Penticton, BC  V2A 3G6


Located on the Main Floor

Tel: (250) 770-7596


Mon – Fri
9am – 3pm

(closed for lunch 12pm -1pm)

A physician or midwife is always on call, 24/7.

You may be able to see the same care provider at each visit or you may see different members of the team, depending on the date and time of your visit.

Your delivery will be performed by the doctor or midwife on call when you go into labour.

Other physicians and midwives also provide care at the clinic on a rotating basis and are part of the team.


Meet The Maternity Centre Team

Dr. Catherine Botting

Dr. Jennifer Begin

Dr. Tara Dawn

Dr. Lisa Friessen


Susie Lobb

Dr. Rebecca Psutka

Dr. Marius Snyman

Kerry Rollison
Medical Office Assistant